We are specialist in providing hair extensions that are of premium quality and undergone a stringent level of quality assurance by maintaining a strict quality control policy through out our manufacturing process to give our customers the finest Indian Remy hair that will guarantee their success.

Sourcing of Indian Remy Hair – The hair which is used to make our hair extensions and bulk hair is guaranteed 100% natural as it is sourced from suppliers spread out across the temples of Southern India. Here in India devotees of all kind (men, women and children) donate their hair as a show of gratitude to the gods that is they shave their head, this ensures that the hair thus collected will remain in its same natural direction. This also provides us with tangle free and highly manageable hair that is easy to style and looks what you have in your mind. It also blends in to look like your own hair.

The hair is which is sourced is brought to our manufacturing unit, where it will undergo various processes to make it suitable to be used as hair extensions. We use only women’s hair to create our hair extensions because they are highly durable and also offer a greater choice in terms of length.

Sorting of Hair – The hairs are then manually sorted into various categories in terms of natural color and natural texture. Through this process of manual sorting hairs that contain lice are separated and discarded. Only hair that are free of lice are allowed to go further to the next process.

Washing and Drying – The hairs are then soaked in an anti-bacterial solution for 1 day to thoroughly destroy any germs or dirt that may remain in the hair. After soaking it is thoroughly washed and drained. The hairs are then soaked in a conditioner solution for 5 hours. After being rinsed thoroughly the hair is naturally dried in sunlight. We do not use industrial dryers for this process, as it will harm the hair by causing it to become brittle and weak.

Hackling – After the hairs are dried they are subjected to the process of hackling, to de-tangle the hair. This de-tangling process is done manually; each bundle of hair is repeatedly hit and dragged on a bed of nails (the effect is similar to combing the hair repeatedly). Each bundle of hair is subjected to this process until each hair stand stands separate from each other and shows greater bounce and volume. In this process the weak and damaged hairs are also eliminated. This ensures that only the strong hairs will go on to be used in creating bulk hair and wefts, thus guarantying you long lasting hair.

Sorting into sizes – After this the hairs are sorted into various size categories ranging from 10 – 14, 15 – 18 and so on. The hairs are then tied into a secure bundle, with each bundle weighing 100 gm. Thus the bulk hairs are complete to be shipped to the clients.

Wefts – The hairs that are required to be wefted are sent either for machine wefting or hand wefted depending on the customer’s requirements. Our machine is capable of creating 5 kg of wefted hair in a day. While hand wefting takes a longer time and hence the orders take a longer time for execution. We make use of superior quality wefting machines that provide closely knit stitching to ensure that each strand of hair is sewn in, thus preventing shedding at a later date. The process of wefting makes the hair strands shorter by at least 2 inches.

Colored hairs – bulk or wefted hair can be bleached and colored to suit the customer’s requirements. We undertake all types of hair coloring, just mention the hair color you require and we can do the needful.